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Tiffany Chan, BS

Senior Associate Scientist

Tiffany Chan, BS

Tiffany Chan is a Senior Associate Scientist on the Platform team at Gentibio. Prior to Gentibio, she was on the Molecular Biology team at TCR2 Therapeutics, where she supported the development of engineered TRuC T cells by employing molecular techniques to create and validate DNA constructs.

Tiffany received her BS in Microbiology from University of Massachusetts, Amherst where she had the opportunity to study direct interspecies electron transfer in Geobacter and build recombinant strains to further its electrically conductive properties (to someday make bacteria powered batteries!). She also had a brief stint as a lifeguard at Disney World.

In her free time, Tiffany enjoys trying random classes that she spontaneously signs up for during 3 am insomnia driven inspirational bursts that her future self must deal with – such as kpop dance class, compass navigation class, a medicinal herb walk, and axe throwing. She also enjoys trying out new restaurants with her friends.