We make Tregs. Better.

Potent. Stable. Targeted. Scalable. Our modular engineering platform allows us to create optimized Tregs phenotypes tailored to address a wide variety of autoimmune, alloimmune and inflammatory diseases.

We uniquely resolve the key challenges of Treg therapeutics

Scalable engineering to produce stable Tregs with superior phenotypes tailored for specific diseases

Tregs- specific IL-2 signaling support to simplify manufacturing and allow patient-specific dose titration

Tissue targeting for optimal efficacy and safety

GentiBio’s engineering augments Tregs function and optimizes their manufacturing to create powerful and tailored therapeutics for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases

We make a Life sciences career. Better.

We aim to engineer an environment that fosters human potential and contentment. Find your place with dedicated, passionate people who are excited to be a part of our growing tribe.

We strive to help patients live their lives. Better.