Company Overview

Positioned to deliver on the promise
of Treg therapeutics

GentiBio is developing engineered Tregs to (re)establish immune tolerance and provide tissue specific immune suppression to treat patients living with autoimmune, alloimmune, inflammatory and allergic diseases


A seasoned team with deep expertise in cell therapy and synthetic immunology


Building platforms to overcome the key hurdles hindering Treg therapeutics


With translational expertise to make transformational therapies a reality for patients

GentiBio’s Tregs:
the future of immunology therapeutics

Our goal is to replace the need for systemic and less selective immune suppressive therapies and their associated risks. GentiBio’s engineered regulatory T-cell platform has a unique ability to potently suppress inflammation and autoimmune dysfunction in a tissue-restricted manner, while healing those damaged tissues, with the potential to (re)establish lasting immune homeostasis.

Our Investors

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Founded on research by pioneers in the Treg, autoimmune disease and synthetic biology fields

GentiBio combines multiple technologies into a powerful, integrated Tregs engineering platform.