Our Platform

The GentiBio platform addresses the key obstacles that have hindered Tregs therapeutic potential

DURA-REG™ Platform


Problem: Endogenous Tregs are a rare and heterogenous population

Solution: Genti creates Tregs from more abundant T cell sources using genome engineering to durably convert these cells into Tregs phenotypes tailored to the disease

ENFUEL™ Technology

Targeted cytokine signaling support

Problem: Tregs require IL2 support for their survival and activity, but delivery of exogeneous IL2 can activate not only Tregs but also other cells that can exacerbate disease

Solution: GentiBio’s ENFUEL technology can be used to generate a synthetic IL2 signaling receptor, targeting IL2 signaling support specifically to our engineered Tregs using low dose rapamycin both ex vivo and in vivo, simplifying manufacturing and transforming Tregs into potent, long-lived drugs

Tissue targeting

Problem: Tregs require selective targeting to diseased tissues to direct and maintain their potent suppressive properties to the right location, thus optimizing safety and efficacy

Solution: Genti uses both CARs and TCRs to guide our engineered Tregs to sites of disease. Our modular and flexible platform allows us to tailor the targeting approach based on the unique properties of each disease