Our Engineering

Tregs are the body’s natural means for keeping the immune system in balance

In a healthy immune system, effector cells and Tregs are maintained in a homeostatic balance – with effector cells promoting beneficial immune activation and inflammation and Tregs suppressing potentially pathogenic immune activation and promoting tissue repair. In autoimmune, alloimmune and inflammatory diseases, this balance is disrupted when the activity or number of Tregs is not sufficient to keep disease inducing immune effectors in check.Tregs cell therapies aim to restore this balance by providing an exogenous source of healthy Tregs engineered for optimal activity.

GentiBio’s engineering augments Tregs function and optimizes their manufacturing to create powerful and tailored therapeutics for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases


Endogenous Tregs isolated from the peripheral blood are a rare and heterogeneous population, posing challenges for their use as therapeutics. They are unstable in inflammatory environments, which can cause them to transdifferentiate into pathogenic effector T cells that can exacerbate disease.

GentiBio’s platform overcomes the limitations of endogenous, sorted Tregs by starting with more abundant T cell sources and transforming these cells into phenotypically stable Treg phenotypes with superior properties, including resistance to inflammation, increased potency, selective homing to diseased tissues and a scalable manufacturing process.